Forum Vostro Energy Services

Forum Vostro Energy Services builds, owns, and operates a portfolio of distributed on-site energy assets to provide clients with reliable energy at a predictable, stable and transparent cost.

Our state-of-the-art energy solutions are both economically and environmentally sustainable for large commercial and industrial clients, ensuring reliable access to energy without the associated upfront capital and resource commitments.


Utilities in North America, have done a great job in building a reliable and safe grid to generate and deliver electricity, which has served us well for the past several decades.

However, new technologies are now enabling us to provide energy (electrical and thermal) to consumers, with enhanced reliability and with economic and environmental sustainability.

What will FVES do?

At FVES, we plan to partner with likeminded, forward thinking Utilities to collaborate and build new Energy Infrastructure 2.0. We will ensure that our energy solutions are tailored for the benefit of energy customers and in doing that we envision our distributed on-site generation assets to be complementary to the Central grid.

Grid 2.0 or Smart Grid will leverage both central and distributed on-site generation assets for next several decades to provide, safe, reliable and cost effective energy to customers.

How will FVES serve its customers?

Our plan is simple. Every customer will benefit from our 3 step approach:

  1. At no cost to our customers, we will use our customers’ energy data and conduct sophisticated analyses using specialized algorithms to predict and report on energy optimization opportunities.
  2. We will identify “energy efficiency” opportunities with a compelling business case.
  3. Lastly, we will develop, build, own and operate a custom on-site generation solution for the optimized energy scenario. FVES will take all of the capital and operational risk and provide the customer with transparent, predictable and low-cost energy.